Tiny Diamonds Never Settle

Tiny Diamonds Never Settle is my personal motto; it’s my mantra when things get tough. Whether I am mentally struggling or pushing myself to new physical limits one thing remains the same: Tiny Diamonds Never Settle.


Tiny references several things. It started as a physical description of my size and thus a reminder of my competition classification as Figure Class A. The word also lends itself to the ability to grow. In life and in this sport you are continuously evolving. Whether it is the adoption of new thought processes, accepting new values, or making physical gains there is always room for new growth.


Diamonds serves as a reminder of the attributes of the actual gemstone. Diamonds are created under constant pressure. They are ultimately compromised of the organic matter that once was another living creature. Only through the marrying and accumulation of different organisms can diamonds be created. It reminds me to accept the support of others, triggers me to be patient, trust the process, and listen to my team. A diamond interrupted ends up as a  piece of coal.

Every diamond starts as an unassuming piece of rough. The brilliance and beauty of a diamond is only visible after carefully calculated cuts and polishing. In order to be successful in any goal there must always be a plan.

The only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond. In life and in this sport your biggest competition should always be yourself. If you view life as a “you vs. you” match then the only person you are focused on improving is yourself. If you wake up each day a happier and better version of yourself  then you have won.

Diamonds are bright and emit a sparkle when they are in the light; a diamond in the dark is nothing. Negativity only brews a darkness that leaves you dull and with nothing. If you allow positivity into your life then you will radiate positivity.

Never Settle

In life and in this sport we must continue to carry on even after we fail. In the midst of the hardest of battles we must push through. I am reminded that this is a lifestyle. It is 24/7/ 365; I must never settle for anything less than my best because it is the persistent daily efforts that accumulate. If you truly want something in life you need to continuously pursue that dream even when it is inconvenient, difficult or seems futile. Those that never settle eventually reach their goal.