Top 5 Secrets to a Successful Prep

It’s my favorite time of year, the start of Competition Season! I love opening my Facebook to see everyone’s progress pictures, motivational posts and countdowns! Every year I strive to prep a little smarter, taking lessons from previous years. The following is a list of ways I found to not go bananas!

1. Create a schedule.
During prep the majority of your days are going to be similar. There will be cardio, training and specific supplement times. Strive to wake up at the same time each day and follow the same routine. Your body and mind will fall into a natural pattern and you won’t be setting five alarms to remind you what to do throughout the day.

2. Order your shoes, suit, jewelry and all other accessories early.
The last thing you want to do is frantically order these important items and pay for rush delivery. Order early; take your time designing your look before you are a carb depleted space cadet!

3. Register and reserve early.
This serves two purposes. First, it cements your commitment to the show date- you WILL be ready. Second, it allows you to ensure that you will have the schedule you want on competition weekend. It’s both fun and convenient to stay in the host hotel. Generally both check-ins and the official spray tan company are located in the host hotel (We all know I’m getting my Liquid Sun Rayz appointment early!!) There is nothing worse than worrying about missing either appointment or having to tan super early or super late!

4. Write yourself letters.
Remind yourself that you CAN do this. Remind yourself WHY you are doing this. Remind yourself that you CHOSE to do this. Let it all out. I promise it’s better than tantruming around the house.

5. Remember that there is life outside of prep.
Not everyone you encounter will be going through competition prep and an even greater majority will have no idea what you are experiencing. Breathe. Take time to appreciate those people in your life that you love. Don’t forget to listen to their daily trials and triumphs. Celebrate them and thank them often- at some point they’ve all been the helpless victims of a “hangry” moment.

Happy Prepping! T.D.N.S. #Notimetowaste2014


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