Proud Peacock: a Lesson in Liking Who You Are

The door burst open, and she charged at me, her eyes sparkling. Excitedly my tiny little three year old puffed her little belly out like a proud peacock and triumphantly said “Look Mom, look at how good I am at this!” She had buttoned her shirt all by herself! She was ecstatic with her new skill and shared it with everyone we met that day. Her exuberant proclamation was something to be celebrated and everyone cheered her on. Somewhere within the aging process an action like this becomes a faux pas. It is more socially acceptable to pick ourselves apart, layer by layer than to exude confidence.

Admitting that you are good at something and/or happy with who you are physically and mentally becomes an act of bragging. Instead we discuss our weaknesses. We focus on our shortcomings. We convince ourselves that we aren’t worth it. We discuss with friends how skinny, fat, depressed, and/or anxious we are. We focus on the negatives and belittle the positives. There are days when I look at myself in the mirror and think “Augh, you are so small. You are never going to get big. You are a silly little girl, chasing a dream that is way to big for you.” These are my worst days in the gym. I completely defeat myself and subsequently have an awful training session. What I need to be doing is focusing on what I DO have. I need to be thankful for how far I have come. I need to be thankful that I have the ability to train. I need to be confident that I have the tools, support system, and dedication to achieve.

It’s time to focus on what is wonderful in our lives. There is no joy to be found in lamenting. We need to relish in the excitement of our mini victories and let those define us. We need to remind ourselves that we are worth it. There was once a time when we were all excited proud little peacocks. We believed we were amazing and could be anything. Find your inner peacock; allow yourself to be comfortable and proud of who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness. Exude a confident happiness that draws others in to your positive light and gives them the courage to love themselves too.


I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts?

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