How do you overcome a training slump?

Regardless if you are an elite pro athlete or a novice, training slumps and lack of motivation are a natural part of the lifestyle. Rest assured, this is a very normal part of training and you are not alone! There are several tricks that I use to kick-start my enthusiasm when I’m in the middle of a lull.

1. Change your scenery.
Every gym will offer the option to purchase a one day pass. Take advantage of this opportunity to try someplace new!

2. Get a new piece of gym gear.
Who doesn’t love a fresh new outfit?! Try something fun and different from your normal. Admire a certain gym style? Give it try!!

3. Change your music.
There is no denying the power of music, it can evoke emotions in all of us. Set the tone for new grind. I enjoy using Pandora because I can easily customize the type of music for the day. Go crazy, no one can hear what your listening to with your headphones!!

4. Change your training.
Switch up the days of your training split, repetition can become stale and boring! Work in new movements. While I don’t change my movements often, I do like to change my grip or angle.

5. Find a training partner.
Working with someone can be great motivation. They can push you to try new weight limits. The can verbally encourage you through a set. It can also be the source of a friendly competition!


I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts?

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