An Unexpected Gift

sand_hour_glassI sat mindlessly staring, lost in thought of the day. It had been overwhelming, exhausting and I was nearing my end. I suddenly realized I was no longer alone, there was an arm cuddled around my back holding me close. He squeezed me tight, rested his head for a moment and then took his hand and held my face. He looked me square in the eye and simply said “I love you”. In one profound moment my two year old son had taught me about selflessness. Forgoing the frustrations of the day’s “time outs” he had given me all he had in this world, his loving attention.

It is so easy to get lost in the daily grind; each day blurring into another week. Rushing from one thing to the next. Without a moment’s notice the mighty check mark on our To-Do List becomes the sole focus of our attention. We obsess with the goals- they receive our undivided attention. Conversations with those in our lives become dominated with the schedule and the end result.

We are a driven society. The first questions we often ask of others are in regards to their aspirations for success. What happened to the art of conversation? Knowing what memories in your loved one’s lives meant the most to them. Exploring the feelings of the moment for them, learning their story. We all love to discuss our goals, but is there anything greater than reminiscing back to a beautiful moment? Reliving the excitement, the emotion and sharing it with someone who is truly listening, giving you the gift of their undivided attention. It requires nothing of you but your time, but it may give someone the world and enlighten yours.


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