How do you plan your meals while having two kids and a husband?

My meal prep has definitely evolved over time. My first year competing it felt like food prep was all that I ever did. Leaving the house meant waking up an extra hour early, packing 4 bags and enough containers to keep Glad in business for a year. Things are much simpler these days and I can have the entire family packed for the day within 15 minutes (the container collection has however grown).

During contest season there is not much meal planning required for me. My nutrition schedule does not change unless my physique warrants it (although flavors and textures change frequently!). My off-season is structured too. The fact that everything is planned allows for me to batch cook my food weekly and weigh/portion it into ready to grab containers.

My husband, while not a competitor, follows this lifestyle as well. This definitely makes life easier as we just batch cook enough food for both of us. The children get different meals each day.  Some weeks we fly by the seat of our pants for their meals and others we will chose 3-4 recipes. We work on learning healthy choices, but by no means are they on a strict structured nutrition schedule.

This lifestyle is absolutely made easier with a bit of organization and planning. Furthermore, it is a process. Any changes regarding food seem to take time to evolve and become the norm. Remember, it’s going to be a little frustrating in the beginning, you are making changes to one of the biggest necessities in your life- it’s going to feel a bit overwhelming at first. Push forward and take each day at a time. Oh, and a microwave and toaster oven might be some of the greatest inventions ever ;)


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