Life Marks

I stared in horror. How?! I had spent the past 7 months bathing in coco butter. I had even splurged and bought the “special formula” and had applied a bonus layer of Vitamin E ointment. Each night I had beached myself in bed, greased up, prepared to win the battle against my skin. Yet, there they were, the one sign of pregnancy I was truly hoping to avoid…stretchmarks. As it turns out, the marks earned from my daughter paled in comparison to those left by my ninja kicking baby boy.

Fast forward another year and I’m still standing in front of the mirror staring in horror. (I should probably get a new mirror, it seems to be the problem.) I was a week away from stepping on stage for the first time and my stretch marks seemed more unsightly than ever. I was in the best shape of my life up to that point and I was embarrassed by my body. Nonetheless, I was off to encounter all the other competitors who surely had perfectly pristine unmarred skin. Imagine my elation when I discovered that many MANY athletes have stretchmarks, scars or other “life marks”.

The truth is that I am still sometimes self conscious over my remaining stretch marks. As an athlete that competes in a sport judged solely on your physique, it is natural to focus on the imperfections. Thankfully, when you combine a great spray tan, a good glaze and the distance to the judges table life marks really become a non-issue. There are times I feel frustrated that I allow these marks to get the best of me. In reality I should celebrate them. They depict two beautiful moments in my life, two amazing miracles.

Do not let your physical insecurities overshadow your desire for change. Do not let them make you feel different or awkward.  Keep in mind that nearly EVERY person has some sort of life mark. Their presence does not put you in the other category, in fact it makes you quite normal. Do not let them write your story or define your limits. They are simply tattoos from life, depicting part of your story.


2 thoughts on “Life Marks

  1. Niki, great story! Love the picture. This is your great life. Love Gigi

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