What is the one thing you would tell anyone thinking about fitness?

This is an incredibly difficult question because I obviously have a lot to say. (Have you seen all my blogs?! lol) I’ve been marinating on this question for a couple days now, thinking back to the myriad of conversations I’ve had and I’ve finally come up with my answer. The one thing I would tell ANYONE thinking about fitness would be simply to START.

I’ve noticed that many of my fitness conversations involve talking through all the reason’s why someone feels exercising isn’t feasible for them. All the things that have to happen first or pan out a specific way before they can begin exercising- they have to make more money, they have to finish eating everything in the house, they have to get the kids in xyz grade, they have to find a new job, they have to get a certain type of dog…blah blah blah. These are excuses. This does not have to be a difficult, convoluted thing.

Start with what you have, start with what you enjoy, start with what you will actually do. Something is absolutely better than nothing.  A client came into the store last night and shared his weight loss success story of 125lbs!! How did he do it? He loves video games, so he started playing Dance Dance Revolution. He started with what he had, what he enjoyed and he changed his life. I promise you will not regret starting. I promise EVERYONE can find something that will make them just a bit more physically active. Make the decision to drop the excuses and START, it’s the most potent thing you can do for your fitness journey.


I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts?

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