How do you keep an eye on those extra condiment calories?

I LOVE condiments. Seriously, I love the little heavenly bursts of flavor they add to my meals, but WOW can those calories add up quickly. There are several habits I have developed that help keep me in check.

  • Measure out a serving size into a container. Not only will it keep you from over indulging, I sometimes challenge myself to see if I can make it last for more than one meal.
  • Choose lowfat and/or low sugar options of dressings. Be sure to read the labels though and compare, even though it is lowfat or/low sugar it may still be a poor choice.
  • Use prepackaged dry rubs or dressing mix packets. I love using the ranch dressing packet mixed with a little water or Franks Redhot (<–most definitely NOT a low sodium option, but a great way to enjoy buffalo chicken without all of the calories!)
  • Utilize sodium free spice mixes for flavor. I really enjoy all of the Mrs. Dash mixes and find that they add an incredible amount of flavor.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative. A chopped up or crushed fresh vegetable mix can add a surprising amount of juicy flavor, mix in some Mrs. Dash and you have your own custom blend!

I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts?

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