The Best Pity Party Beverages

plastic water bottleI stared forlornly into my half drank cup of coffee, resting my head in my hands and attempting to tune out the screaming of my children as they cycled through playing and fighting. I felt overwhelmed by the task of tackling another day of schlepping the kids around, the continuous hostage negotiations with my linguistic four year old and then another shift at my part time job. Today I didn’t want to exist in the present moment, I wanted to escape to the future. I wanted to call in sick today, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the number for Life anywhere.

Begrudgingly I came to the decision that we all needed to get out of the house and we were nearing the close of the child-watch hours at the gym. I knew if I just mustered the energy to get us there that it would benefit us all. I oozed down the stairs to the weight room, pulled my hat down as far as I could, and threw on my headphones. I wanted this over and I wanted the world to disappear. An hour later I had hit three personal records and was actively chatting with another weightlifter. I felt relaxed, calm and re-centered. Once again the gym had worked its magic.

I wish I could bottle up the positivity that fills my spirit during my training sessions. I would keep a few cold ones in the refrigerator and crack one open every time I started to throw a pity party (everyone knows positivity is best served cold, it’s more refreshing). It would be the industry’s best pre-workout – the post workout euphoria in a bottle. Next time you feel those clouds of depression creeping in push yourself to get moving. Find a physical activity, release the negative energy and start brewing your own personal blend of the post workout euphoria. Internalize these feelings, make them a memory and use it as fuel when you are stuck in negativity neutral.


3 thoughts on “The Best Pity Party Beverages

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I always feel that way after I ride my bike … well … not so much today. I am beat down after my ride today. :D

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