What are your gym bag must haves?

I must admit, my gym bag is like my security blanket. Within it are all the items I have found that help me to always have a great training session. Here are the items that I never leave home without!

    • Training Log: I always train with a plan; this keeps me efficient with my time. It also ensures that I am pushing myself as hard/harder than I did the week prior.
    • Headphones/ IPod: These help me to focus and shut out my surroundings; I may or may not dance between sets ;D
    • Versa Gripps: I recommend these to everyone! I have tried both lifting straps and lifting gloves and have found that I absolutely never lose grip with these. It helps me to focus strictly on the muscle group I am working and not on holding the weight.
    • Lifting Belt: Safety is always a priority when training. Building muscle requires pushing yourself to new limits, avoid injury, use a belt when necessary!!
    • Wrist Wraps: The added support provided by the wraps helps me to press heavier.
    • SmartShake: Stay hydrated!! We call these Adult Sippie Cups in our house, we never leave home without one. These come with an added benefit because I can store my BCAA’s, protein powder or any other supplements in the two storage units that are built into the shaker!


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