Releasing My Hulk: a Lesson in Choice

HulkEditedI turned green as the rage flooded through me. My 4′ 11″ framed exploded to that of a 6 foot monster and I roared with anger. In my fury the wooden spoon I held in my hand snapped like a twig as I stood there in my kitchen. My Husband watched in horror and had slowly crept to the other side of the room. It was only week two of my contest prep and I was hangry (i.e. hungry and angry) like no other, my seething rage had been set off because my egg whites had been cooked wrong…

As I shrank back down to my original size and was able to see more than just red I realized how incredibly out of control and foolish I had been. There was absolutely no way that this behavior and feelings were going to be able to continue for the next ten weeks. I had a family that needed me and there was no way I could take care of them if I was in jail over another egg tantrum.I had to make a choice. Either I was going to accept that contest prep was sometimes difficult and choose to control and recognize my feelings or I was going to let my circumstances control me and live in misery.

All too often we allow our current circumstances to control our happiness. We find ourselves saying “if only I could do this” or “If only I had this” then I would be happy. We forget that we have the power to make the decision to be happy at any time. No, I’m not saying that we all need to run around like Disney characters in love with all that surrounds us at all times, but we can chose to live a life of peace and happiness more often than frustration and anger. Recognize that you have the active ability to choose to live in peace, let this new found happiness empower you with the confidence to live the life you desire.


I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts?

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