The Battle Royale: a Lesson in the Beginning

0413130739I’m in the midst of an epic battle. My opponent is no new foe, in fact we’ve been at war my entire life. We’ve both won our fair share of fights…well they’ve won and I’ve almost won. The almost wins are the times of peace where I didn’t lose hours of my day staring at it with a ghastly horrified look on my face. It fights dirty though, recruiting the help of my unassuming babies to deploy it’s finishing move- an atomic explosion leaving in its wake a squishy, marked, bloated mass of what used to be. I’m talking about my abdomen of course.

My biggest priority this off season is developing my abdominal muscles. Although I trained them this last off season, admittedly I did not push myself as hard as I should have. I was scared that after surgery I was going to “break” them and I told myself that since they were there my first season, that I only needed to maintain them. I slacked. After nearly two years of training, I am sitting at the start.

The beginning is always the hardest. You are sore, tired and slightly frustrated. My personal frustration comes from not being able to physically see the strength I am developing. Training is always hard, it’s meant to be continuously challenging. However, I find it easier to push myself through grueling sessions when I can see what I have already built. Subsequently, my abdominal workouts are also mental training. Each set I mentally push myself to go harder, I remind myself that the beginning is the hardest. I picture images of physiques that inspire me. I remind myself that I CAN, I WILL, I AM. Do not succumb to your frustrations, do not finish your journey before the beginnings end. Push yourself to the next chapter, you may find that your prologue is shorter than you expected.


4 thoughts on “The Battle Royale: a Lesson in the Beginning

  1. Um – Missy – your abs looked PHENOMINAL in Ohio. You are way too hard on yourself. Keep plugging, but seriously girlie – your entire body looked above and beyond awesome (look at your trophies if you forget that fact) and your abs are NO exception.

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