The World is My Oyster: a Lesson in Enjoying the Moment

The World is your oysterI was free! A cackle of a muwhahaha escaped me as I did one of those excitedly awkward “run skip walk moves”. The sun was shining down on me, there was a slight breeze, I think a fluttery orchestra piece was playing; it was perfect. The world was my oyster; I could do anything in this moment. OK fine, I was walking to the car after dropping off the kids with the sitter so I could go to work. But for one minute, one minute of the day, it was my time. I wasn’t at work, I wasn’t at home taking care of the kids, I wasn’t trying to plan the family schedule, it was simply mine.

There are so many demands on our time. Work, family, friends- they all want their share and rightfully so. However, I think we forget about the most important person that needs our time, and that is our own person. We have become excellent multi-taskers. You need me to schedule an appointment, while uploading a Facebook status, respond to a text message, give the bickering kids a snack in the back seat all while driving to preschool (at a stop light of course!), I’m your gal. Our “free” time is spent checking all 17 forms of our social media; it’s nearly like a job.

These things are not going to change. We are always going to have the desire to be socially connected, to please others with our time, and to stuff as many activities as possible into our day. What can change is recognizing those few moments of our day that are simply ours. They don’t have to be scheduled, organized or planned- they are just found in the daily commonalities. The moments when you can breathe, escape, and appreciate the beauty and blessings of your life. Allow yourself these moments, allow yourself to enjoy the wonder of your own journey.


3 thoughts on “The World is My Oyster: a Lesson in Enjoying the Moment

  1. I totally agree. Every day is so busy and demanding, but I make sure I take one moment out of each day…sometimes as little as 5 mins…to sit and just clear my mind.

    It really keeps me going! Nice post ;)

  2. It is amazing what just 5 minutes can do to help clear your head and make you appreciate all the greatness and forget the daily annoyances! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post!!!

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