Live Without Regret, Pursue Your Passion

eggsA hiccup of laughter escapes and then the tears flow. All I’m doing is standing in the grocery store grabbing the week’s fifteen dozen eggs, but it triggers a sweet memory from my most recent competition season. Over the past year I had eaten 4,380 egg whites (that’s not a typo!) I started and ended each day with six of these little protein gems; they represented both the start and close of another day committed to this lifestyle. One year ago and thousands of eggs prior I had stepped off stage from being in last call outs feeling crushed; this year I had stepped off stage from being in the middle of first call outs. Even as I write this, the hiccup laugh tears stream thinking back on the emotion of the moment.

Patience has never been my forte, in fact I would say “impatiently fickle” would best describe me. You can imagine the surprise to those closest to me when I decided to set a goal that required me to remain patient, persistent and dedicated for an entire year. Furthermore, there was no guarantee as to the outcome- I had no idea what my genetics were capable of and no clue who was going to show up for the contest. I had made the decision though and while I may be fickle, those things that do grab my attention are met with a level of passion worthy of a Nicholas Sparks novel. I spent an entire year focused on my goal, working towards it every day letting my passion fuel me; intent to step on stage again without regret.

All too often we find ourselves saying that we wish we would have started something sooner; we wish we would have tried, we wish we didn’t regret. A year sounds like an exorbitant amount of time, but in reality it isn’t all that long. While as a society we have trended towards instant gratification, we are also still programmed to plan, anticipate the future and set goals. We all have secret desires that we often disregard because of the time it will take, the dedication required or fear of the unknown. I challenge you to ask yourself though, which is worse…living with the regret of not knowing or spending your days living in passion? The days will pass regardless make them yours, make them worthwhile.